€198,00 EUR

Getting Started with IDS: A Practical Approach for Beginners

Supercharge your career and your projects with IDS!

What you'll get:

  • Understand how IDS works
  • Create your first IDS
  • Validate your IFC models with IDS

What People Are Saying:

BIMvoice IDS course was a great way to get started for me. Having tried some IDS validations before the course, I knew that getting the facets right can be tricky at times just by looking at the documentation from buildingSMART. This course taught me the basics and some tips and tricks to get the most out of my first IDS specs!

Jonatan Jacobsson

I highly recommend it to anyone interested in understanding and leveraging IDS (Information Delivery Specification) in their professional field. Whether you are a novice or someone with prior knowledge, this course has something valuable to offer.

Hamza GAGA